20 Oct 2019 
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 How to report errors well

There are a number of steps you can take when reporting a problem that will greatly assist us in resolving your problem with the least amount of hassle.  Please include as much of the following as possible when you contact us about an error :

The full error message

If you receive an error message (no matter how much like nonsense it may look), it can be extremely helpful to us.  Please include the full and exact error message you receive.  If possible, copy and paste the error by highlighting the text and pressing <ctrl>+c<ctrl>+v should allow you to paste it into your error report.

Taking screenshots

If you can't copy and paste the error, you can try to take a screenshot instead.  

  • Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take a screenshot.
  • Paste the screenshot directly into your email client. 
  • If you can't paste the screenshot directly into your email client, you can try to use microsoft paint instead (Start -> Run -> mspaint). 
  • Select Edit -> Paste from the menu and your screenshot should appear. 
  • Save the file to a convenient location as a PNG file and then attach it to your error report.

Where you found the error

Sometimes it can be hard to track down exactly at what point a problem has occurred.  Please supply us with the exact steps that you took to before you got the error.  If applicable, please include the website address that you used to access the site.

Do other people get it

If possible, try asking a colleague if they have the same problem.  This can help us to isolate if it is your particular machine configuration causing the issue or if the problem is elsewhere.

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